Saxbys Campus Cafes Give Students On-the-Job Experience

Bowie State University President Aminta Breaux, left, inaugural Student CEO Devin Gallion, center, and Saxbys Founder and CEO Nick Bayer toast the grand opening of Bowie State’s Saxbys.

A recent study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers pointed to a disturbing trend. While graduates believe they are well prepared for a job, employers increasingly think otherwise.

Nick Bayer, Founder and CEO of public benefit corporation and hospitality company Saxbys, expressed it to me this way: “The job market demands skills like critical thinking, emotional intelligence, problem solving, cultural agility — attributes that are extremely difficult if not impossible to teach in a classroom.”

Bayer developed the Saxbys Experiential Learning Platform (ELP), a student-centric entrepreneurship opportunity that partners with leading universities to give students the opportunity…

B Corp Unreasonable Group Collaborates for DEI Impact

Unreasonable Group Founder and CEO Daniel Epstein welcomes a new cohort of fellows. (Photo by Chet Strange)

Advancing economic justice is rapidly becoming a business imperative. Not only will a more just economy support diverse communities — including those that have been traditionally exploited — it also will be more robust, innovative, resilient, and creative. These are qualities badly needed in the market to help tackle global issues, like poverty and climate change. Achieving the level of structural change will require infusing principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion across various facets of our economy and a wide range of stakeholders.

Unreasonable Group intrinsically involves many stakeholder networks in its impact work by connecting entrepreneurs with investors, operating…

Women’s Clothing Company Sets Climate-Positive Goal for 2025

The fashion industry as a whole creates a lot of waste and harms the environment. In keeping up with new trends and fast-fashion consumer demands, fashion companies must constantly create new products for those consumers who will readily throw out older items in their wardrobe. Ethical fashion, however, is a growing movement responding to the increasing consumer and advocate pressures on businesses to center sustainability in their operations — and some companies are responding by finding more environmentally friendly processes.

Reformation is a women’s clothing company that has been on the forefront of sustainable fashion. Since 2015, the company has…

Employee-Owned B Corp Creates Planet-Friendly Foods

The success of companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat has drawn attention to the plant-based protein sector. And recently Bill Gates said that because of the climate effects of beef production, wealthier countries should completely shift to eating plant-based synthetic beef.

The plant-based movement reflects a significant shift in the way people are eating and understanding the relationship between their food choices, their own health, and the health of the planet at-large. As we learn more about the impact our dietary choices have on the resources that sustain us — water, land, and climate — opportunities for companies that…

B Corp Amalgamated Bank Adds Environmental and Societal Commitments to Corporate Organization Certificate

Despite the focus on stakeholder management from leading actors such as the Business Roundtable (BRT) and large investors such as BlackRock’s Larry Fink, in reality, companies can only lead with purpose and long-term benefits when their governance aligns with their objectives.

Recently, companies such as Amalgamated Bank have recognized this. Last summer, Amalgamated became the first public U.S. company to add environmental and societal commitments to its corporate organization certificate — a change that required a shareholder vote, which passed with overwhelming support.

Amalgamated recently announced a corporate reorganization whereby it adopted the public benefit corporation (PBC) structure, organizing as…

B Corp SecondMuse Fosters Problem-Solving on Social and Environmental Issues

Participants at a SecondMuse workshop. (Photo courtesy SecondMuse)

Solving our planet’s most pressing issues will take unprecedented collaboration between a range of stakeholders, including businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations, and civic organizations. Attempting to solve these issues using the tools available to only one of these stakeholder groups is futile given the intersectional nature of global issues like climate change, poverty, discrimination, and racism.

SecondMuse is a company that operates around the globe to bring various stakeholders together to reshape economies to be more inclusive, just, and equitable. The business has launched collaborations between companies, governments, NGOs, and more to address major global issues, such as plastic in our…

B Corp Helps Employers Connect Workers with Income When They Need It Most

“The timing of when you are paid is entirely in the control of your employer. It’s a technology decision,” says Safwan Shan, CEO of Payactiv. “Earned Wage Access” allows employees to access wages they have earned before the official payday.

Could you handle a $500 emergency? According to BankRate, only 37% of Americans can cover an expected $500 expense, highlighting that the majority of U.S. workers are essentially living paycheck to paycheck. To make ends meet between paychecks, many workers have had to turn to notoriously predatory payday lending, which can result in dramatically high-interest repayment rates and push people into an ever-deepening cycle of debt. Recently, however, there have been companies cropping up that enable employees to access their wages without the threat of a costly loan and with the added benefit of building savings and getting out of…

As our 1099s and W2s arrive in the mail, it is time to start thinking about tax season. Jeff Jones, CEO of H&R Block, reflects on the responsibility of helping Americans get their tax refunds, which he says are “the most important check they get.”

When he took the helm at H&R Block three years ago, Jeff Jones started by letting others do the talking: He made a listening tour to visit company-owned and franchise offices in nearly 50 cities across the United States and Canada. What he learned from those meetings shaped his leadership direction for the company and reinforced the core beliefs of the business.

“Not one single person ever talked to me about doing taxes. What they talked to me about were the relationships they build with their clients over a decade — this intense commitment to helping people,” says Jones, president…

B Academics Network Connects Students with Real-World Lessons on Stakeholder Capitalism

Business school professors and leaders are finding an enthusiastic audience for the movement to reshape the global economy into one built on stakeholder capitalism. College students, who are among the generation most likely to be affected by changes to the economy as the workers, consumers, and community members of the future, are seizing new opportunities to build their knowledge and experience by learning about and working with Certified B Corporations through an expanding network known as B Academics. …

Employee Ownership Holds Butler/Till Accountable to DEI Improvements

Marketing agency Butler/Till celebrates major accomplishments (pre-COVID-19) by bringing employees together and shouting their excitement from the rooftops, i.e. the top of the lobby front desk during this 2019 gathering.

In the wake of the racial justice protests in the summer of 2020, many companies reflected on their own diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, examining whether they were aligning their values with their actions. The outpouring of corporate statements condemning racism were fast and strong, yet it has left many wondering what lasting action and change have been taking place since the statements were released. For several purpose-driven businesses, the introspection revealed areas to improve upon and did, indeed, catalyze meaningful action. Butler/Till, a Certified B Corporation marketing agency that focuses on the health care, financial services, insurance, and energy…

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I write about how companies are creating a more resilient and sustainable capitalism.

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