Platform Connects Entrepreneurs with Everyday Backers

Pela has raised more than $7 million on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for its new Lomi product, which turns waste to compost with a single button.

Gerdau Looks to Scale Positive Impact Through Supply Chain

Brazil-based steel company Gerdau is one of the world’s largest recyclers — scrap metal comprises 73% of the steel it produces.

(Photo by Pixabay on Pexels)

Nativa Leaders Use Experience and Connections to Expand Italian B Corp Community

Paolo Di Cesare, left, and Eric Ezechieli are co-founders of Nativa, a design company that was the first benefit corporation and Certified B Corporation in Europe.

B Corp Ellevate Amplifies the Power of Connections Through an Ecosystem of Support

The Ellevate team rings the Nasdaq opening bell.

B Corp’s New Sustainability Goals Include Obtaining All Wool from Regenerative Sources

Allbirds recently announced new sustainability goals that include obtaining 100% of its wool from regenerative sources. (Photo by Dean MacKenzie)

Sustainability and Generosity Serve as Guiding Values for B Corp

(Photo by Bill Sitzmann)

B Corp Sees Long-Term Benefits of Training and Workplace Support — Especially for Women

Sama CEO Wendy Gonzalez with Sama’s East Africa team.

B Corp Powers Growth While Prioritizing People and Planet

Dr. Bronner’s farmer partners break cocoa pods in Atobriso, Ghana. (Alfred Quartey)

Shark Tank Connection Boosts Business as Overall Industry Grows

Believe it or not: These are vegan Steak Slices from Unreal Deli. (Photo by Susie Weinrich | Mom’s Dinner)

Christopher Marquis

I write about how companies are creating a more resilient and sustainable capitalism.

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