How Emmanuel Faber Was Changing the Game in Governance and Employee Equity

Emmanuel Faber led Danone, the France-based multinational food giant, from 2014 to 2021.

B Lab and U.S. Impact Investing Alliance Lead Collaboration to Encourage White House Initiative

B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies B Corporations, worked with the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance to draft a proposal to the Biden Administration calling for the creation of a White House Initiative on Inclusive Economic Growth.

B Corp Provides Assistance for Other Businesses Interested in Certification

O-Bank, a publicly traded Taiwanese bank, has created a number of innovative products to better serve low-income and underserved communities

Platform Connects Entrepreneurs with Everyday Backers

Pela has raised more than $7 million on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for its new Lomi product, which turns waste to compost with a single button.

Gerdau Looks to Scale Positive Impact Through Supply Chain

Brazil-based steel company Gerdau is one of the world’s largest recyclers — scrap metal comprises 73% of the steel it produces.

Nativa Leaders Use Experience and Connections to Expand Italian B Corp Community

Paolo Di Cesare, left, and Eric Ezechieli are co-founders of Nativa, a design company that was the first benefit corporation and Certified B Corporation in Europe.

B Corp Ellevate Amplifies the Power of Connections Through an Ecosystem of Support

The Ellevate team rings the Nasdaq opening bell.

B Corp’s New Sustainability Goals Include Obtaining All Wool from Regenerative Sources

Allbirds recently announced new sustainability goals that include obtaining 100% of its wool from regenerative sources. (Photo by Dean MacKenzie)

Sustainability and Generosity Serve as Guiding Values for B Corp

(Photo by Bill Sitzmann)

Christopher Marquis

I write about how companies are creating a more resilient and sustainable capitalism.

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